Khamis, 13 April 2017

Jawatan Kosong di Bank Pertanian Malaysia Berhad (Agrobank)

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Agrobank is a continuity of the former Bank Pertanian Malaysia which has 40 years of experience in agricultural banking and an excellent track record in shaping and developing successful entrepreneurs. With a wide network of branches throughout Malaysia, we are confident of providing the best services to all.
Agrobank is a Government-owned Bank under the Minister of Finance Incorporated (MFI). The bank’s financing of the agricultural sector is driven by a policy set forth by the Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry (MOA). Agrobank today operates through 190 branches throughout Malaysia, and employs over 3,400 employees.

Jawatan Kosong di Bank Pertanian Malaysia Berhad (Agrobank) :

1. Executive, IT Security & Operations
2. Driver
3. Branch Manager (Kuala Klawang, Tapah, Sabak Bernam & Kota Kinabatangan)
4. Executive, Direct Sales Team (Personal Financing)
5. Section Head, Market Analytics & Organisational Strategy
6. Unit Head, KM Research & Content Management
7. Section Head, Support & Services (Property & Logistics)
8. Executive, Property Maintenance
9. Executive, Statutory Reporting
10. Investigator - Internal Audit Department

Tarikh Tutup : 14 April - 13 Mei 2017